Holy Trinity Church, North Gower
Anglican Diocese of Ottawa

Our Services

Regular service
9:00 a.m. Holy Eucharist -all ages


This means that: we gather to remember what God has done for us through Jesus the Christ.
We pray together, we hear readings from the Bible, we have the Scripture opened for us today through a homily,
and we are invited to share in bread and wine as symbols of self-giving love.
"Communion" is offered to those who have been baptized into the mission of Christ, who have accepted this call.  All are invited to come to the table, to receive blessing from the abundant love of God. All are invited to consider baptism.
We are made into the 'Body of Christ' to be sent out to do the work of Christ.

At 9:00 am we use a mix of tradional and contemporary music.

After the service we enjoy a time of fellowship with coffee, tea, juice and an abundance of delicious snacks.

We would be most pleased to welcome you at either service.

If you have any questions, do call or email (see how

Please Join Us!