Holy Trinity Church, North Gower
Anglican Diocese of Ottawa


Our Vision and Mission

Who we are:
a welcoming Christian family deeply rooted in our tradition and community.

What we are called to do:
with prayer and fun
honour our tradition,
grow our church family
and be involved in our community and the world.


Our Challenge

We invite all members of the wider community to come and join our journey as we struggle to answer Christ's call to love and service.� Let us know any ways in which we can help.� Our parish members are open and friendly and you can count on a warm welcome with a good cup of fair trade coffee and some delicious food at any of our gatherings.




We are a four-church Area Parish known as The Parish of South Carleton. Our partner churches include Holy Trinity, Metcalfe; St. John's, Kars and St. Paul's, Osgoode. We work in a team ministry model with two clergy assigned to our parish.

The Stone Church

The Rev. Anthony Joseph O'Loughlin was the driving force behind the construction of the present church. He was originally a cabinet-maker, and carved an altar and reredos of St. Peter's Church in Brockville. He gave lectures in the communities around North Gower as a means of raising funds for the building of Holy Trinity.

The dressed stone for the church was quarried in Goulbourn Township, and brought to North Gower by members of the congregration. The rough stone, used for the foundation and walls, was brought from Hugh Moffat's farm in Marlborough and from the Leach farm in North Gower.

The cornerstone of the church was laid on June 25, 1879. It is on the east corner, under the Rector's Vestry. Nicholas Leach put copies of current newspapers in the niche of the stone.

The Original Church

The first Anglican church in North Gower was of frame construction, building date unknown. After the stone church was built, it was used as a carpenter's and joiner's shop by Robert Willis. It changed hands to Fred Lord and then to Robert Acton, and burned down in 1911.